I thought I would try to do a regular series with a view to highlighting interesting projects on Kickstarter that might be of interest. With that in mind if you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket and the urge to support a project why not give one of the following a look and give them your support.

House of Wicked Creatures: An Indie Comic

how panell

The creatures of the forest have never felt safer than when they discovered the long-abandoned manor by the woods. But their warm community is suddenly threatened when a family of humans invade their home. Pan and Wraith come up with a sinister plan to frighten the humans into leaving — but what if the plan turns against them?

Written by Vera Greentea with artwork by ELK House of the Wicked pitches itself as a cross between Redwall and Paranormal Activity. If that wasn’t enough to hook you the artwork is beautifully ethereal.

Blood Shed

blood shed

James Moran, writer of Severance, Cockneys Vs Zombies and Torchwood, and Cat Davies are looking to produce a horror short about a man and his shed that eats people. The project has Sally Phillips and Shaun Dooley on board to star and rewards include signed shooting scripts, copies of the soundtrack and set visits.

STEM heroes manga – book 1


Created by Ana Verissimo and illustrated by Eri Mine this is a the story of Mari, Jun, Miki and Yui who are four bright high school students with a sense of adventure. After school they use their science skills to solve mysteries and save the day. Each one has their own personality, style and STEM area of expertise.





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