dave1Hello Dear reader,

Over the last few years of book reviewing I have been fortunate enough to receive many books to review. There have been times when the volume coming in has exceeded my ability to either review them myself or delegate to someone else.

My home currently has a few piles of books that I am never going to be able to get around to reading and frankly I could do with freeing up some space. Hopefully my need to make space will be your good fortune as I am going to do a big book give-away.

In amongst the wobbling piles are books by Steven Baxter, Rebecca Levene, Mark Hodder, Brandon Sanderson, Sam Sykes, Tad Williams, JP Smythe and many more. I am going to select a lucky group of people to send a random selection of these books to. I get space, you get free books, everyone wins!

There are several ways you can enter. Firstly you can follow me on Twitter (@DavidJProbert) and use the hashtag #DavesBooktacular, secondly, if you are on WordPress, you can follow this blog and enter that way, and finally you can email me at david.ja.probert@gmail.com with your name and address should your name get picked out.

I’ll be picking 5 names from each entry method (there are that many books to go around) and I will then contact the winners and arrange to have the books delivered. You can enter once by each of the methods outlined above to increase your chances of winning. I am going to have to restrict this to the UK and Ireland only I’m afraid as I am going to be paying the postage out of my own pocket.

The closing Date is midnight on Friday the 9th June so you have plenty of time to enter.

Best of luck!


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