Adam West – A Tribute

As I write this it has been about 30 minutes since I learned of the passing of Adam West and I find that it has hit me hard. West is an actor who has a great body of work behind him and I would never want to sell his accomplishments short but I am going … Continue reading Adam West – A Tribute


Interview – Mo Ali

Mo Ali is an artist and writer whose latest comics Midnight Man is available now. Mo was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions. How did Midnight Man first come into being? It was Andy (Bloor) who came up with it – he’d designed this cool looking character and thought of the … Continue reading Interview – Mo Ali

Review – Doctor Who: The Heralds of Destruction

Doctor Who: The Heralds of Destruction Paul Cornell, Christopher Jones & Hi-Fi Titan Comics Alongside their current continuing run for all the post 2005 Doctors Titan Comics have been putting out mini-series for past Doctors. So far we have had excellent runs for the Eighth Doctor by George Mann and Emma Vieceli and the Fourth … Continue reading Review – Doctor Who: The Heralds of Destruction